9 Essential Ingredients For Healthy And Trouble-free Skin

The world-renowned cosmetic chemist Dr. Joseph Lin suggested two decades ago that the proper use of certain naturally occurring amino acids may hold the key to the ultimate skin care strategy. According to Dr. Lin amino acids are the tiny building blocks that make up virtually every part of every living organism on Earth.
By identifying the essential amino acids that make up all skin proteins, such as collagen, elastin, keratin, etc., topically applying those amino acids may provide the ultimate benefits in the daily care of human skin. Next, Dr. Lin formulated a novel topical cream containing these essential nutrients.

Dr. Dan Bird, a Harvard trained physician who joined Dr. Lin in the research, agreed with the theory.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Bird served the dermatology needs for his patients. In his practice, Dr. Bird began to prescribe the new amino acid cream for virtually every skin condition he encountered.

“The next thing I knew,” explains Dr. Bird, “I was getting calls from patients who were reporting their skin problems were clearing up and wanted more of the cream.” “As a scientist, I was skeptical as some of these patients had suffered from certain skin problems for years.” However, I soon learned it was all true!”

He reported that the amino acid cream effectively treated conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, adult acne and more.
Besides treating facial injuries, burns, and surgical scars, Dr. Bird used the special cream for treating burns and burn scars. As a result, the cream became extremely popular and was eventually used in over 1,000 hospitals, burn centers, and cancer care facilities.

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It is ironic that similar research was occurring on the other side of the world, but for completely different reasons. Anjinomoto, a Japanese multi-billion-dollar company, found that these same amino acids had amazing cosmetic benefits as well.

The amino acid cream appeared to be more effective than other options for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, deep furrows, discolorations, and uneven skin tones.

Results have been impressive on all four of these points.

> Skin became more hydrated instantly and remained hydrated for longer periods of time than anticipated.

> Fine lines and wrinkles were significantly reduced when used daily for 30-60 days.

> There was a significant improvement in breakouts, rashes, inflammations, and uneven skin tone.

> The skin became radiant and glowing.

The research confirmed that it was the collective effect of all nine of these special amino acids working together, not just one or two of them.
Bruce Geisling, a spokesperson for Anjinomoto, said, “We discovered the correct amino acids in the right ratio could boost collagen production by 400%. This series of 9 amino acids has proved to be not just another new way to care for the skin…but the best one!”

Anjinomoto and Bird’s results did not surprise Dr. Lin. “The body functions in extraordinary ways when it is supplied with the exact nutrients it needs.” “The skin is no different,” says Dr. Lin.

In his analogy, Dr. Lin equates amino acids cream with “liquid skin”.

Here is the list the of organic, plant derived, 9 essential amino acids used in Dr. Lin’s cream
1) L-histidine
2) L-isoleucine
3) L-leucine
4) L-lysine
5) L-methionine
6) L-phenylalanine
7) L-threonine
8) L-tryptophan
9) L-valine.

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Dr. Lin developed the technology required to emulsify all of these amino acids together and licensed it to AminoGenesis Skin Care Products in Tustin, California.

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