70-Year-Old Virgin Woman Explains Why She Never Had Sex [Watch Video]

The 70-year-old woman reveals why she has never had sex or been in a relationship in an exclusive interview with Afrimax.

Genevieve, as she is known, has a health problem that prevents her from using her legs, forcing her to crawl.

Genevieve was allegedly infected as a child, causing her legs to swell, making her a liability for her parents.

Her parents refused to send her to school because they couldn’t afford a wheelchair and couldn’t bear the responsibility of carrying her every day.

She couldn’t get a boyfriend because of her condition, which prevented her from getting an education.

After the death of her parents, the 70-year-old was left alone, and her neighbors stepped in to provide her with the assistance she required.

Genevieve claims that her illness made it difficult for her to make ends meet or leave the house.

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