600Klm Roads: Gov Ishaku Is A Serial Lier – APC Chair

The chairman of the Taraba state APC (All Progressive Congress) Barr. Ibrahim Tukur El-Sudi said governor Ishaku is a serial lier for deceiving the people of Taraba that he’s Constructing 600klm roads across the state.

Speaking to the Press in his Chamber in Jalingo on Friday, El-Sudi said the Ishaku’s administration has perform below abysmal point, citing that it has destroyed the works of the past administration by taking the state 20 years backwards.

According to him, Ishaku’s administration is expert in conducting marriages even in Kenya, starting that he heard the governor even donated 2 mercedes benz and a sum of N100 millions to the wedding couples he attended in Kenya. He alleged that such amount can be used to offered scholarship to Taraba students.

El-Sudi asserts that ” Today as we mark the 30th anniversary of our dear state, I want to tell you that governor Darius Dickson Ishaku is a serial lier, the road which they claim that they are constructing is a lie, the military administration tries it best, the first and second civilian regime equally tried their best by opening up certain roads, building stadium, airport, hospital, etc”.

“Today you don’t need to go Borno or Rivers to know whether Zulum or Wike are working. There works speak for them, but Ishaku will spend 1 hour on TV trying to tell the people what he has done. Today our hospital has become mere consultant clinic, our schools have been abandoned, the Taraba motel now is the abodes of reptiles”.

” Ishaku has taken Taraba state 20 years backwards in times of development, and uniting the state. The call for uniting Taraba on his goodwill message is a political gimmick, he has no intention of uniting the people of Taraba”.

“Ishaku administration is circulated by thiefs, who syphon public funds. Today ranging from the local government level to the state level, they are going to abuja for interrogation by the EFCC”.

He further state that, Ishaku administration has gained more financial support from the Federal Government than any previous administration, stating that the money he got cannot commiserate with the works he has done.

El-Sudi also mentioned that, the road between the palace way, and ministry of work roundabout in Jalingo was constructed by the former acting governor of Taraba state, Alhaji Sani Danlami, but surprisingly it has now been claimed by the Ishaku’s administration yesterday in a press conference by the state Commissioner for works and housing.

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