424 Amputees Across Nigeria Benefit from Free Artifical imbs

Nahum Sule, Jalingo

The Centre for Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities(CAPWD) has distributed free artificial limbs to 424 amputees from different parts of Nigeria.

According to the National President of the Centre, Miss Omotunde Ellen Thompson, the donation of the free artificial limbs to beneficiaries is so that they can be easily integrated in the society and fend for themselves instead of being dependent or begging from the streets.

She stated that statistics according to the United Nations, show that over one billion people or approximately 15% of the World population live with some form of disability or the other and that in Nigeria, available records show that we are having 30 million PWDs.

Thompson listed the causes of amputation in Nigeria to include: vascular disease, criminal attack on individuals, birth defects, accident, leg ulcer, lack of affordable medical treatment, gender violence, man made disaster, quack doctors and school bullying.

She also spoke on gender violence against women with disabilities, post traumatic stress disorder, obstruction of justice for women with disabilities, discrimination and lack of implementation of the treaties for welfare of persons with disabilities and how to deal with them.

“The key redress to PSTD is care practices like mindfulness and regular exercise. On the other hand, social suplort, acceptance and empathy are key to helping and recovery,” Thompson stated.

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