FMC Keffi: Mirroring Dr. Yahaya Baba Adamu’s Strides as MD/CE

Good and responsible leadership, in government’s ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) is sacrosanct particularly, in developing nations like Nigeria infamous for its various cases of corruption, since some appointees have over the years been found wanting in areas of “breach of trust” while occupying some offices in the government’s MDAs.

That is why when a country is blessed with a good leader, it wouldn’t be out of place to cherish and relish it, as it seems to be the only opportunity in an entire lifetime to have a date with fate.

Nigeria’s federal ministry of health and indeed the entire country is lucky to have found a good helmsman in person the Medical Director/Chief Executive of the Federal Medical Centre Keffi Nasarawa State, Dr Yahaya Baba Adamu, whose invaluable expertise in the past three years he has been in office put smiles on the faces of both staff and patients.

Since April 28, 2000 when the Federal Government established the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Keffi, Nasarawa State, several appointed Medical Directors/Chief Executives have engaged in different initiatives in a bid to give the Tertiary Health Institution the strength to provide quality healthcare to both the grassroots and those on referrals from different parts of the country and beyond. This has no doubt gave the centre a reputation of a reference model. However, the reputation and results recorded in the last three years in the Centre, is unprecedented. Thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari’s choice of Dr. Yahaya Baba Adamu as the helmsman who has made the most conspicuous positive difference at the FMC, Keffi. It was indeed a result-oriented choice as the Medical Director/Chief Executive introduced new initiatives to keep people alive, live longer and live healthier since May 2018 when he assumed office.

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To start with, winning the confidence of patients who are the main consumers of healthcare services in the Centre was Adamu’s first priority. He made the centre a dependable hub for drugs requirements and laboratory services. To achieve this feat, Adamu fixed dysfunctional revolving funds and made it function effectively in a way that contractors who are owed backlogs of payments where paid to enable them supply drugs and equipment seamlessly.

“When I came in, the first thing I noticed was that we had a lot of our revolving funds not functioning the way they should” “patients who come could not meet up with their drugs” “laboratory could not give basic services” Adamu told editorial team of FMC Keffi information desk. “We were able to return services back within the first three months and we have been striving to ensure that this is sustained and of course we also met a situation that CT scanners was not working” He added. He explained that he made sure that the revamped services are maintained so that more services will be developed from the existing services and within months, more services evolved, and more time was increased for existing services. For example, theatre activities run up 8pm for regular cases. Doctors now run clinics in the morning and afternoon and run till 4pm to enable them attend to more patients, unlike before when doctors do not have enough time to run clinics.

“There was no recovery room in the theatre, at least now we have a recovery room theatre, ICU, SCBU and very recently the A&E had been piped to oxygen” MD/EC Adamu said.

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Dr. Adamu’s last three years at the FMC have also seen enormous Medical breakthrough Surgeries and other infrastructural developments. The separation of conjoined Twins, surgical placement of Peacemaker, kneel replacement surgery and the decompression and stabilization of the spine are the main breakthrough surgeries recorded during his last three years.

Very significant on the development of the FMC Keffi under Adamu’s watch was his ability to manage effectively, the tertiary health facility in the COVID-19 era.

While grappling with the uncertainty that comes with the Staff welfare, Dr Adamu in line with Covid-19 safety guidelines decongested all wards, triage area for suspected cases of Covid-19 was also created at the accident and Emergency holding area for suspected cases of Covid-19 was also created. Covid-19 precautionary measures such as wearing of face masks, hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and temperature check were enforced at the point of entry.

According to Dr Adamu “By putting such a policy on ground to a large extend we succeeded in Managing the problem and all through the height of the Covid-19, there was never a time that we were really lacking PPEs”.

With several infrastructural project ongoing at the centre, Dr Adamu whose honest intend according to him is to ensure that patients get whatever they want at the FMC, has so far seems to have aligned within the vision of the centre which is “to emerge as a centre of excellence in healthcare delivery sustained by dedication to duty, unity of purpose and respect to humanity.”

Dr. Baba Yahaya Adamu.                          Setting the Pace in Healthcare                    Transformation


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