2023:Presidential Aspirants Promises To Fix Nigeria From Total Collapse If Elected

By Abubakar Yunusa, Abuja

A presidential aspirant on the platform of Action Alliance (AA) Samson Odupitan, Monday assured Nigerians that he can fix the country from total collapse if elected president in 2023.

Chief Odupitan said this after submitting the nomination and expression of interest forms of the AA in Abuja.

He also bought the House of Assembly for all female aspirants across the 36 states including the federal capital territory, Abuja.

He also pledged the reduced the cost of governance and electioneering campaigns to make sure ordinary people can represent the interest of their people.

“I have the key to fixed this nation, I have the key to fixed this country in terms of insecurity, financial making how to manage the resources available,” he said.

Speaking on what would make his government different from others, he explained that community and grassroots programs because we want to make the community take the decision and we would work with them accordingly.

He also explained that the budget in this country is to favor to riches but is not favoring the masse he however vowed that each community in Nigeria would benefit from his government.

“In my administration, the budget would be done in such a way that it would benefit the masses because I will make them my topmost priority.

“Is not what I wish to do for the community, but it is what the community wants us to do for them. My input would be there but the communities input should be our topmost priority, he said.

He also promised that his Administration would rejuvenate the ministry of science and technology in such a way that Nigeria would not import toothpicks, and spinners, saying that if the ministry was in the right place, it would create job opportunities for Youths.

He said the women are ready to face the challenges, they’re ready to campaign and also instructed them not to the higher crowd because the crowd is to intimidate people but they can door to door campaign.

One of the beneficiaries, Rose James Jacob who is vying for the House Assembly seat in River State appreciated the AA Presidential aspirants saying that she can deliver come to the 2023 general election.

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