2023: Your Vote Will Make A Difference, GLMDI Tells Nigerians

As Nigerians prepare to vote in the 2023 general elections a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Godspeed Leadership and Mentorship Development Initiative (GLMDI) has called on Nigerians to ensure they vote adding that their participation will make a huge difference.

A statement issued by the National Coordinator, Mr Habila Kayit, said the 2023 general election posed a great significance in the nation as the need for firm, experience and dedicated leadership remain the greatest challenge the country is facing.
“Nigerians must be very intentional in their choice of leaders. No political party holds the key to reposition this country other than the preparedness and pedigree of its flag bearer. We had tested the People Democratic Party (PDP) and now the All Progressive Congress (APC).
“It is regrettable that one cannot differentiate the ills in the PDP led government with that of the APC. Sadly, the degree at which corruption is striving is aggravated yet the mantra was to fight corruption. Unemployment, heightened crime and criminality, hunger, insecurity among others are yet to receive the needed attention yet we are concerned about which party should lead us as a nation.
“Unfortunately, there is no difference between all the political parties in Nigeria. It is non-contestable that all our political parties have beautiful manifesto but implementation remains the great deal. No wonder politicians wittingly cross carpet from one party to the other to satisfy their curiosity and interest yet citizens whose welfare has been abandon are concerned about political parties other than the competence of its flag bearer, ” Kayit said while calling on the youths to rise to the occasion by determining what happen in the 2023 general elections.
“Youths and women remain the key determinants in our election and any attempt to cause disunity among these groups by greedy politicians should be rejected. The coordination among younger people in mobilizing citizens on voter’s registration is commendable. Leaders in their capacities should encourage their members to get their voters cards and ensure they go out and vote when it is time. The electoral law as amended is a great boaster. Citizens must make sure they coordinate themselves in the right way and make sure no one manipulates them at their voting centers.
“Nigerians must be intentional by joining a political party of their choice and be active players as must decisions taken regarding candidate’s selections are political party affairs. The selection processes for flag bearers is the most crucial process that will determine the direction of the nation. When competent people are selected across board, it gives room for proper scrutiny and consideration. It also raises citizen’s hope and confidence about the system.
“The power of social media is non-contestable. It is a veritable platform to mobilize support and the youths must use it wisely to canvas for credible candidates for our dear nation. However, politics is local and it involves people at the grassroots. While we remain very active with social media, there is a need to bridge our engagements by reaching out to those citizens who are not on social media. This must be very intentional if we desire to see a better Nigeria.
“Nigerian youths must remain very peaceful and law abiding as we desire a peaceful and rancor free election comes 2023. Nigeria is in need of a revolutionary leader and your vote at the 2023 election will make a huge difference. The future is now. Vote wisely, ” Kayit added.

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