2023, The Dice Is About To Be Cast

This short piece is not about the casting of a dice or dices for the matter for if read and understood from that perspective would suggest that the election year 2023 will be determined by luck no, it will not. In a few cases, the place of luck cannot be completely discountenanced though. Our democracy has struggled to establish itself but it has remained stunted and will comtinue to remain so if the players continue to manipulate the processes for their self aggrandizement. Democracy is a template which if applied accordingly to will produce the expected outcome or cotcomes. It is also.like the architectural drawings of a building which clearly informs the building engineer how the building is to be raised. Where the building engineer disregards the architectural drawings he will end up erecting a structure that will be a risk to the woub-be occupants, and so it has been with politics in Nigeria.

Embarking on a journey into the political past, the traveler must not fail to.acknowledge the role of the Nigerian Military junta of that period that bequeathed to us the 1999 Constitution whether Amendment or not. The most important segment of that journey must examine the role Gen Ibrahim Babagida and his co-travellers of that period who iin trying to delay their exit from the political turf kept serially manipulating their own political.transition programmes by serislly.BANIMG and UNBANIMG. genuine political players until many were frustrated and therefore decided to exit politics all together. Had Babsngida and the Military junta been true to their transition programmes, Nigeria’s democracy would not have been this stunted. It took the courage of triple”A” to finally see the transition programmes through which finally expelled the.Military from the scene. The bulk of those who keyed into the Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar transition programme can be likened to political gamblers as there was.no assurance the sanctity of the programme would be respected. An almost entirely now breed of political players many with questionable charactets were ready to partake in the gamble without much fearr of loosing much. The transition went through successfully and those guys went on to amass so much wealth and have fortified and entrenched themselves in the politics of our country so deeply that supplanting or replacing them by political means is almost impossible.

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Today, the 2 dominant political.parties APC and PDP are at best replicas of themselves to the extent that they are peopled largely by the same players always in transition from one to the other the transition itself not informed by either ideology or principled.. The truth be told, our politics is not driven by principled or any discernable ideology. The electorate who should be at the controls have all but been made sleeping and idle passengers aboard their own vehicle. Put in another way, the electorate are now hostages violently.captuted by MONEY BAGS who are effectively now at the controls or the steering wheel of this now obviously.beleaguered contraption called Nigeria. Many had hoped that the CHANGE which APC so over hyped work but it ended up.a collosal ruse. Before PDP went morally bankrupt and the slide down the slippery slope began which eventually swept the party out, it had been hoped too that the party would have learnt a good lesson but none as been learnt. Many office holders in the APC upon realizing that the party was worse than the PDP clustered together and resolving to return to the the PDP. This group included the then Senate President, serving Members of the NASS as well as former State governors. The old way of doing business which PDP has now become famous for scuttled the Noble plan to rejig.the party back to winning ways particularly in Kaduna State.

In Kaduna State, whilst the PDP.leadership never objected to the return of those who left the APC back to the PDP fold, they quickly for selfish reasons placed certain conditionalities on any who indicated interest to contest for any position. This conspiracy eventually deprived PDP in Kaduna State of quality candidates. Essentially, PDP in Kaduna State has technically been hijacked and converted to the personal estate of a cartel that uses the Excos of the party which they planted at all levels to serially.manipulate proceedings in their favour. The cartel has a former governor in the State, the the illegitimate PDP Chairman of the PDP as well as an over ambitious but an unqualified governorship candidate whose dubious past is haunting him much in the manner of a shadow..There has been the very urgent need for PDP to open the doors of the party for new entrants as this would boast the fortunes of the party but this has been resisted by the sit tight Exvos as well as those who unilaterally installed them. By holding on tightly to the Excos they are able to achieve their selfish motives. Many passionate and quality admirers of the PDP have been profiled and prevented from coming aboard.This has further facilitated PDP’s downhill slide to a political abyss.

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As mentioned earlier, the ” ruling ” as against” governing ” APC is not any different from PDP as both have the same mentality and therefore the same modus operandi of doing business. In Kaduna State, APC succeeded in getting PDP to make easier APC’s 2019 victory. Political hoods were worn to camouflage the.ugly face of APC by a few strategic PDP supposed members who facilitated the APC victory. After the results were annoumced there were many grounds based on which PDP could have challenged and upturned the outcome of the election but an internal conspiracy prevented thisnsnd political lethargy stood in the way. Almost every serious member of PDP cannot claim not to know why the party lost yet again in 2019. Put simply, there was a working understanding between these 2 political parties.in Kaduna State. Many followers of these 2 political parties are so deeply.frustrsted and or disappointed that they have simply folded their arms and stepped aside to watch from the sidelines. Those who were yet to make up their minds simply recoiled into their cocoons. Political disappointment coupled with frustration is the order of the day as many do not see any.future for this country politically. Thanks to the political wizardry of some passionate and patriotic politicians who are coming together with a new political.atrsngement that surely will restore hope to the politically frustrated . The new thinking will harvest those not happy with the leadership style and system of doing business in both APC and PDP. It will restore to the electorate their relavamce in the political set-up. The decision making process in the new arrangement will be the province of the electorate through their votes. The old, jaded style in which a cartel.sitting in dark places and churning out suppossed election outcomes will have no place for accoomodation. Nigerians will not have to wait for long for this alternative political platform to be unveiled so they can escape the dictatordhip of the APC and PDP. A new Dawn is about setting and we are almost there. To God Be The Glory.

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