2023: Tambuwal, Lamido Reply Southern Leaders, Say Nigeria Don’t Need Tribal, Regional President

In what appeared to be a reply to Southern leaders who charged Presidential aspirants from the North to quit the race, Governor Waziri Tambual declared that, Nigeria is currently need national president not tribal or regional president

Governor Tambual made the statement when he visited Jigawa state as part of his nation wide consultation on his intension to aspire for PDP presidential ticket for the 2023 general election.

Addressing the Jigawa state PDP executives and other stakeholders at Sule Lamido residence in Bamaina town of the state, Governor Tambual expressed concerns on the increase of disunity, social, economic and security challenges that are drifting the Nigeria very pass.

He said the country is in dear needs of competent and strong person who will give a consensus Leadership, listing to statesmen advice and made a wider consultation to rescue the country from the brink of collapse that emanated from poor leadership.

Governor Tambual added that, PDP members across the country must come together strength their unity, uphold their party principles of national patriotism to deter the merchants of ethnic, regional and other self centred sentiments from destroying the country.

He then informed the Jigawa state PDP stakeholders his intension to declare his aspiration for their party presidential ticket comes 2023 and solicited their support, advice and prayers.

In his speech the former Jigawa state Governor and one of the PDP founding fathers Alhaji Sule Lamido said,those clamoring for party to zone its presidential ticket to south are very economical with history of Nigerian democracy and its processes.

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” you are saying presidency Must be zone to the south ‘ who are you commanding ? Who are you given the order?” Lamido quarried

Sule Lamido maintained that, the era of chosen Nigerian president through zoning is over and what Nigeria needed now is a national president who will be elected through democratic tenets.

Lamido narrated that, PDP introduced zoning in 1999 to address the crises and agitation that divided the country which began from the annulment of June 12 1993 elections.

He added the issue that necessitated for zoning is over, and the formula must be deleted from Nigerian politics and replaced with correct democratic processes for sustainable Democratic development.

Alhaji Sule lamido also stated that, democracy is a game of dialogue, consensus, Convincing but not intimidation, cohesion or enforcement.

He however described Aminu Waziri Tambuwal as a qualified person to contest for Nigerian president by all standard.

Lamido than advised Governor Tambual who was s a former .speaker to make a nationwide consultation with regards to his ambition to become next Nigerian President.

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