2023: Shehu Sani Urges Nigerians To Remember One Thing Before Casting Votes

The Senator who represented Kaduna Central from 2015- 2019, Comrade Shehu Sani, has called on Nigerians to remember one thing before casting their votes.

According to Shehu Sani, on election day in 2023 will, Nigerians should remember the corpses of people killed during the regime of the APC before casting their votes.

Sani said people gruesomely murdered in very barbaric manner should be considered by the electorates before taking an informed decision.

He said the deaths will be stirring directly into the faces of the people whether they will take a wrong decision adding that the conscience of the people would be brought to scrutiny by those who died in barbaric manner.

Sani, a governorship aspirant in Kaduna State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made the disturbing comment when he interfaced with the party leadership of Southern Kaduna in Kafanchan, the headquarter of Jema’a LGA at the weekend.

According to him, election day is a day of decision adding that what will be standing before any electorates will be the face of Children, who lost their parents, mothers who lost their husbands and husbands who lost their wives.

“The spirit that will be hunting you are those who were kidnapped in Schools, Churches and Mosques. Their spirit will be asking you what type of a leader did you elect into office?

“We have seen how terrorists became authority in our State. We’ve seen how they razed down Villages, extort ransom from Federal College of Agriculture Mando, Green Field University and Bethel Baptist High School and several other Schools.

“The State need a leader that will bring out the people from the present affliction,” Sani said, explaining why he want to be Governor of Kaduna’State.

He said a day will come when every exco or electorate will be invited to elect new leaders.

“If you elect a good leader you will enjoy peace of mind, fairness and justice, mutual trust and sustainable development.

“For people like me, is not a do or die affair, standing for truth, justice and fairness has been my part of ideology and principle. I feel the pain when people you call leaders are afraid to issue just a statement to condemn killings and attacks on their people.

“The man in power has injected fear in the mind of the people including even elected political leaders.

“So, in your choice of new leaders, remember if you installed a tyrants your people will suffer neglect, marginalisation and treated like black South Africans during apartheid,” Sani disclosed.

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