2023: I Have The Key To Nigeria Success, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa Declares For President

Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has declared to run for the president of the federal republic of Nigeria coming 2023 general election under the the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party, voicing that he has the key to the success of nigeria, stating that the plights of Nigerian is long overdue.

In a official visit in Jalingo, Taraba state capital where he declare his ambition to contest for the president of Nigeria, he said he’s a converner of good news and have prayed for a long time for the success of Nigeria

According to him “I’m a converner of good news, and we’ve prayed for a long time for the success of this nation. When you see a toad in the hot afternoon, something is pursuing him.

“It has come in my conviction not because of my self will, but of the desire to liberate this country. I was in an international meeting with foreign nationals, a white man asked me that I’m smart but why is Nigeria the way it’s? I’m shock of words without nothing to say”.

“But it occurred to me when I arrive in Nigeria, things were different. I asked myself, what can I do to make Nigeria like the USA? I’ve been to 60 countries anytime I arrived in any of the countries I visited I always compare them with Nigeria. Unfortunately they’re way better. Life expectancy, corruption, electricity, poverty capital of the world, this baffle me alot. It’s with all this I’ve decided to contest. When you travel out they either check if you are drug dealer, scammer, or a terrorist this is how we are being limited in foreign countries”.

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Ohuabunwa further state that after several convintion that Nigeria is working in line, he decided to retire from political issues but later see the needs to save the country.

In his word he asserts that “after so many convintion that Nigeria is not going to work, I decided to retire from writing article on issues affecting the nation.

“But over a sudden I decided not stand still but to rise up and built up a new Nigeria. The country is not working for everybody, especially the youth. In my youth age, I can say we enjoy the benefits of this country, we were on scholarship, we were giving car loans. I was choosing which Job i will choose.

“This was not the country my father left for me, it was a better Nigeria, so it makes me wonder, if we get to this place, so what will happen to my grandchildren. And everything turned very bad in this administration” he said.

The State secretary Kuriya Tafarki Aura representing the State chairman of PDP, while responding to the drum of support for Sam said, we have never received a presidential aspirant with an inbuilt analysis of how to build the nation. He further said that Mazi Sam stand a better chance to save the country. He assured him that they will work with him to see him on the top

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