2023: I have The Capacity To Turn Nigeria Around, Says Ado- Ibrahim

The founder of Reset Nigeria Initiative, Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim has boasted that he can turn around the country if he is elected as President in 2023 saying if it is not him, he should be somebody like him.

The former owner of the Formula-1 team in a statement said he has the foresight and experience to steer the ship of the country to greater heights due to his mantra of ‘serving to lead’ people.

He said, “I just feel that at this point we have the ability to do something completely different. We have been preaching the same things since 1960, since independence. We have been having the same leaders and Nigeria is much more than that.

He said the experience Nigerians had in the last 12 to 15 years should try to reconfigure their minds.

“It is not about just being President, it’s about having ideas, being a visionary, bringing something new to the table, creating the atmosphere for Nigeria to actually develop.”

The Ebira Prince further affirmed that on his part, he wants to put his ideas forward, adding that it’s not something unusual with his pedigree.

“I think that we need to be more brave and courageous, we need a leader who can get his hands there to show that he is involved, in love with his country.

“This is not about being President, it’s about leading us out of captivity really. And I am convinced that if it is not me, it needs to be somebody like me that feels Nigeria is worth sacrificing”, he added.

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The widely-read businessman and philanthropist warned that every aspirant seeking to lead the country should be scrutinized and questioned on his or her present and past antecedents.

“I think it’s just a progression of things, we need new options, we can’t continue with the same insanity over and over again.”

“We have a country that should not be run by a geopolitical zone. It needs to be run by Nigerians that love this country.

“I’m just offering myself, certainly we all need to present ourselves, we all need to be scrutinized.

“I don’t think anybody that is coming in 2023 should believe that their past shouldn’t be questioned, their thinking shouldn’t be questioned, their fitness for office shouldn’t be questioned.

“You should open yourself up to be scrutinized, and don’t think money or largess will do this, we need ideas, we need people who are really thinking about one country, not one pocket and that is all I am thinking.”

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