2023 House Of Reps Seat Exclusively For Sanga People – Patriotic Front

The Sanga Patriotic Front has said that comes 2023, the House of Representatives seat for the two local government is exclusively for bonafide Sanga people.
Elanza News reports that Sanga and Jama’a are supposed to rotate the seat for the House of Representatives but the people of Sanga has never tested it.
It was gathered that despite an agreement within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the seat to move to Sanga in 2023, some people are working hard to ensure someone from Jama’a whose tribal men and women are in Sanga emerged the next member representing the area.
 But a statement issued by the leaders of Sanga Patriotic Front, Tanko Rossi Sabo (Chairman) and Haladu Muazu Aboro (Secretary) respectively, said the earlier Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was a fraud, insisting that bonafide Sanga person should be the one to have the ticket for the 2023 general election.
“It is no secret that the people of Sanga LGA are desirous of producing the next member of the House of Representatives for Jema’a and Sanga Federal Constituency.
“This is more so as a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was purportedly signed by some stakeholders, mainly of the the PDP extraction for rotation of the seat between the two LGAs in 2018.
“The said memorandum of understanding was merely a charade full of lacuna which have thrown party faithfuls from the two LGAs into confusion.
“Although, no one from Sanga LG has ever clinched the federal constituency ticket of the party or the seat, since the return to democratic rule in 1999, the position, nonetheless, has always remained open for grabs for all its indigenes across the major political parties.
“The recourse to an MoU ahead of the 2019 general elections was not only suspect, but shrouded in mischief,” the group said.
“This is because, if the resolve by some of the PDP stakeholders of the two LGAs that make up the constituency to institute zoning and rotation of the seat was for good intent and purpose, the first beneficiary of such an arrangement should have been Sanga LGA and not Jema’a LGA. The provisions of Article 4.01 (iv) that only a particular candidate should be allowed to contest from Jema’a LG in the 2018 primaries underscores the mischievous intentions of the parties involved.
“In this regard, it is only appropriate for anyone conversant with the politics of the area to conclude that, the MoU was rather between SNG and some PDP stakeholders from Sanga in furtherance of his re-election bid and not between the people of Jema’a and Sanga as captured in the referenced document. We wish to state without equivocation that this is totally wrong,” the group said.
The group which said it will be a fatal error of reasoning, for instance, to say that a Tinubu from Lagos can come to Kaduna State to contest a position that is reserved for Yoruba residents in the state because he is a Yoruba man.
“The idea of zoning and rotation of positions is to promote the spirit of inclusiveness, equity and fairness among the people.
“Therefore, any agreements for that purpose should embed in clear terms that only bona fide sons and daughters Sanga (in the present circumstance) be beneficiaries, and not just anyone who share common language or so with the people of the area, but from Jema’a as is runoured to be the case ahead of the 2023 elections.
“To the extent that the 2018 MoU failed to embed this into the agreements, the document can no longer be trusted and thus, rejected.
“The group after carefully going through the MoU have come to agree with the position of a vast majority of stakeholders from Jema’a LG that the provisions of Article 4.01, paragraghs (i) to (vii), page 4-5 in the 2018 MoU are not a true reflection of the will of the people, nor were they based on any consultation with the generality of party faithful in the LG.
“In view of the above concerns and the lacunas in the purported MoU of 2018, we call on the stakeholders from the two LGs concerned to come together in an expanded forum with representation that will cut across the 23 wards of the constituency and come up with a genuine MoU devoid of cheap tricks and political gimmicks (as in the one currently in circulation) geared towards serving the interest of a few.
“We wish to state at this point that Sanga LGA has very competent sons and daughters who can lead not only our federal constituency, but also our dear state and nation at large whenever the opportunity presents itself.
“In fact, the bonafide people of Sanga are much more desirous of quality representation in the constituency when it comes to their turn, and when it will indeed come, only persons that are 100% of Sanga extraction should be seen to be aspiring to fill our quota.
“We therefore, call on all persons of good will from Sanga, to as a matter of urgency, come together to push for an MoU that is genuine, unambiguous, and religiously written ahead of 2023 elections or else we shoot ourselves on the foot.
“History will always remember us as that group of people from Sanga who demonstrated patriotic zeal in clamouring for true zoning and rotation in our constituency that can stand the test of time. The Ziks, Balewas, and Awolowos who fought for the independence of Nigeria are not the beneficiaries of government or governance today, we too must take action to leave behind a solid foundation for the forthcoming generations,” the group added.
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