2023: Delegates Buy-in Bala Mohammed Vision


Thousands of PDP delegates who have so far listened with rapt attention and undisguised enthusiasm to Sen Bala Mohammed’s uplifting message of hope and national restoration hinged around his Nigeria First Governance Vision have buy-in to his idea.

The Campaign Strategic Communication Briefing Note prepared by the Directorate of Strategic Communication of the Sen Bala Mohammed Presidential Campaign Organization and signed off to the media by the Director of Strategic Communication and campaign Spokesman, Prof Udenta O Udenta, have received a buy-in from many Nigerians. 


In the words of Prof Udenta: “Sen Bala Mohammed’s Nigeria First agenda is taking the nation by storm from one consultative meeting with delegates to another as he traverses the country  and unleashes a rare passion for service that is as uncommon as it is peerless. Constructed as Political Meetings with critical stakeholders, Sen Bala Mohammed has thus far taken his uniquely developed vision agenda of carefully packaged policy documents on inclusive governance, binding the wounds of division in the land, combating security challenges, national reconstruction and economic resuscitation to Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Cross River, Benue, Abia, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states. And this is apart from his broad based strategic reach out to formidable impact players in Jigawa, Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Katsina states”. 


“One needs to only watch Sen Bala Mohammed speak eloquently about his passion for education and enlightenment forged by tutelage under his father who was a Headmaster and a District Head, his stint as a journalist, his civil service career, his role as the mover of the Doctrine of Necessity Motion as a Senator, his inclusive governance model as FCT minister, and the infrastructural revolution he has unleashed in Bauchi state, to witness the dawning of a new era of ideas politics in Nigeria free of unnecessary thrills and flourishes”. 

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Continuing Prof Udenta asserts that “many things stand out boldly in Sen Bala Mohammed’s speeches meeting stop after meeting stop, his love and passion for Nigeria and the PDP, his desire to give back to society through selfless service, his humility about maybe not being the best in Nigeria but is surely among the best, and his credo that if he doesn’t win the primary election he will support wholeheartedly whosoever the party nominates”. 


Sen Bala Mohammed intends to complete his 36 states and FCT consultative meetings in the next few days Prof Udenta further stated, even as he alerts the public to watch out for the next communication update on the operational and policy trajectories of Sen Bala Mohammad’s Nigeria First project.

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