2023: Benue APC On A Move To Unseat PDP

The All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart in Benue State Dr Mathias Byuan has resolved to form a formidable team to unseat the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State come 2023.

Dr Mathias Byuan who made this known during a meeting he held in Màkurdi with APC Youths wing call on all youths to mobilise support especially at the grassroots for the Party by shuning all divide and rule syndrome.

He also commended the youths for standing firm and resisting intimidation and harasment of members to keep the Party Flag flying in the State.

Byuan who is a governorship aspirant on the platform of APC in the State also said that the party has learnt its lesson in the 2019 Elections, and is coming out united and stronger to collect its stolen mandate come 2023.

“I want to advise all the party faithfuls in the State to stop the idea of blackmailing its members but rather work together for the unity, growth and development of the party in the State and the Nation at large”

“I am here to interact with you and unveil my ambition to contest for the number one seat of the State and as well appeal to all members of the party to forge a common front, so I urge you to avoid intra party wrangling”

He, however, expressed optimism that APC will win all the positions during the 2023 general elections due to the abysmal performance of the PDP in the state.

“There is hunger and starvation in the land, because the level of poverty in the State is too much, people are suffering, so everybody is tired with the PDP. So, I urge you to work together as a team to enable the party collect our stolen mandate come 2023.”

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“I am also pleading on behalf of the Party that no matter the situation and the grievance you should try and settle your differences amicably, let there be no in-house fighting, we are people of the same family, but a situation where we can not agree with ourselves to the extent of exposing ourselves is not healthy for the party. This was what dealt with our party during the past elections, so we need to be cautioned.”

“I was accused severally for siphoning money meant for politicians by the same members of our party, but I have not done such a thing because instead of taking money meant for my fellow politicians I rather donate money to the party to help it to grow.”

“I have serious plans for the growth and development of Benue but I will not unveil them now. I will unveil my blueprint in due course. We can not fold our hands and allow our dear State to continue to suffer in this way,” Byuan stated”

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