2023: Akpabio Group Empowers 1,500 In North East


The Senator Godswill Akpabio for Common Good (SGACG), a group persuading the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs Senator Godswill Akpabio to contest for the president of Nigeria in 2023 has empowered about 1500 people in Gombe State.

According to the group, the empowerment is part of their commitment to putting Nigerians first and garnering support for Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, and to persuade him to participate in the 2023 General elections.

The empowerment took place Saturday 15th January, 2022 at the 2nd Sen Akpabio Youth Empowerment Programme (SAYEP) in Gombe state.

The programme drew youths and well-skilled individuals from North-East Nigeria who benefited from the gesture of the Minister’s supporters.

“Not less than 1,500 people were imparted, with many being beneficiaries of Sewing machines, Welding Machines, Plumbing Tool boxes, Carpentry tool boxes, Automechanics tools, financial supports and the rest, the National Coordinator of the group, Dr Jibril Tafida, said.

Tafida who thanked Nigerians for their continued support for the Minister, Sen Godswill Akpabio, said: “the measure of what the group is doing is a small replica of the good intentions of the Minister for Nigerians, and that their support in persuading the Minister to participate in the 2023 General elections will suffice.

“The programme which is self-sponsored by like-minded individuals will be held in other parts of the country in the coming months,” Tafida said.

“We believe in young people as strong pillar of democratic institutions and national development. That is the same philosophy that compelled me to be here with you today. Let us also not forget, that a similar program was launched in the North-West and we are going to North-Central next month to launch another phase of the programme. It is this kind of continuity that brings about development in our society.

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“As you know, everyone has resources, everyone has skills, personality and experience that deserve to be discovered and nurtured. But team work is the driver of remarkable success any day.
Today, half of the world’s population is under the age of 27; young people around the world and in Nigeria will not only determine our future, they define what the world looks like today.
Yet, the young people of today bear a lot of burden and are vulnerable to unemployment while many of them are victims of attacks.

“Take it or leave it, young people are at the forefront of change and innovation, and many have the spirit to make things happen. They just need to be given the space to excel and there is no better channel for their real fulfillment than getting Senator Akpabio to accept our call to contest in 2023; to succeed PMB. I’m assuring you that there is no better Nigerian with the strong conviction to give Nigeria a sense of belonging and direction than Senator Akpabio. Joining us in this effort to persuade him to heed our call to contest, will definitely be a rewarding experience.

“We believe that Senator Akpabio can deliver, based on his well-known records of transformation. We know that when we are able to choose people of proven leadership performance and vision, we can together create a strong society.
Therefore, we are hopeful that the this program will provide a platform for all of us to discuss our future, the future of Nigeria by making the right choice in 2023,” Tafida said.

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He added: “Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, our effort is geared towards supporting leadership competence and promotion of democratic institutions. We are conscious of our duty as citizens, that the first step in making the best sacrifices for the good of our society is in the choice of good leaders and good successors. Akpabio is always remembered for developing good blueprint for effective and efficient governance and that is one reason why he was appointed Minister to tranform Niger Delta. The history of political progression for Akpabio, is a clear indication that if given a chance he will make Nigeria great. As an experienced public servant he has tested governance and its challenges at all the three tiers. His transformation started from the grassroots, as a Commissioner for Local Government to two term governor of Akwa Ibom. What more do we need to say, about the man whose experience of governance started right from the grassroots to national levels?

“I dare say that we will not rest until we are done with the current mobilization for support. And we are aware that Senator Akpabio is one nationalist loved by all Nigerians of good conscience. I say this because he has special God-given leadership qualities required in modern governance.

“Let me use this opportunity to appreciate the eagerness of Nigerians to promote our cause. And we are hopeful that, in the end, the dream of great Nigeria will become a living reality in this age of enlightenment,” Tafida added.

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