2023: Adamu Garba Declares For President

The President of IPI Group Limited, an IT firm, Mr Adamu Garba has declared his intention to contest for the 2023 Presidential election under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Garba, 40, said if he succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, he will establish nine economic zones with Lagos making it 10, which according to him, will help the country benefits more from the human and the natural resources.

Declaration his intention to contest for the APC ticket in the Aso Hill, the centre of Nigeria, Abuja, Garba said that he has the solution to the massive killings taking place in the country.

“There is killings everywhere. This is not the country we wish for. We missed the foundation of which the state was build. If i emerged the next president, citizens will review their security challenges in a town hall that will hold every three months.

“I Adamu Garba, seating at the centre of the country, declare my interest to contest for the office of the president, federal republic of Nigeria under the platform of the APC at Easter season and during a time I am fasting.

“If I emerged president, there must be economic integration. Nigeria with human and material resources has abundance but politicians only focus on the division of the country than growing the economy,” Garba said.

“We believed in driving a Nigeria that is economically viable. All the kingdoms have been in peace but the leaders are the one causing problems. But as President, I will ensure nine geo-economic zones with Lagos making it 10.”

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“Nigerians are lucky to have over 2 billion population surrounding it. We will build a Nigeria that others will celebrate. We will dredge the River Niger and River Benue for cheaper means of transportation.

“We will tackle inflation by ensuring that it drop by 6 percent. We will build power plans that will help the economy of the country. We will improve on the rail network, air traffic and make the country viable,” Garba said adding that Nigeria cannot continue to drop their blood in the land.

“We will bring the security apparatus and the political class together and allow people to discuss their problem every three months. We will transform the country using the experiences of the past. If i succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, I will bring leadership inline with the 21 century challenges and provide opportunities for the country and Nigerians to grow, ” Garba added.

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