2022: No Issuance Of Lifesaving Document Without Test, Says Conference Of VIO

The Nigeria Conference of Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) said yesterday that begging from January 2022, no official will issue a lifesaving document without testing the vehicle or the person.

Speaking during their conference in Abuja, the Chairman of the conference, Sam Paul said every document to be issued will carry the initial of the person.

“From January 2022, nobody will issue a life saving document like road worthiness to any vehicle they have not seen.

“Nobody will sign or authorize the printing of a driver’s license when you’ve not tested that person. From January, everyone signing roadworthiness, or authorising a driver’s license, his or her initials should be there,” Paul said.

According to him, the conference is important because of the work they do adding that if a driver is involved in an accident, the person that signed his or her papers will be called.

“Nigeria is over 50 years but till today, we’ve not been getting it right when it comes to road usage. There is the need for us to ensure that we are not only educating the road users, but we will ensure they do the right thing,” the chairman added.

Also speaking, the Director, Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) in FCT, Aliyu Bodinga, said they have called the people that matters in the transportation industry from the 26 states and FCT and will ensure there is a more safer roads in the year 2022.

“We are out for solutions so that the Nigerian road are safe for road users. The citizens and several unions including construction companies are here.

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“If you see the motorcycles we have impounded, you will think we have impounded all the motorcycles in the country but they are still coming out.

“We have gotten forfeiture of 1,500 motorcycles. We are also to get forfeiture of 700 soon from the court of law,” Bodinga added.

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