Biztransform Organises 2-Day Business Process Workshop For MSMEs On Value Addition And Modern Innovative Tools

An Abuja based Technical Working Group has come up with a social enterprise named Biztransform. The initiative has a very clear objective, which is to bridge the implementation gap as evident by most micro enterprises. Our core focus is to provide human capital for value addition, MSME tracking for performance, then further scale up and aggregate across the sub-sector, to ultimately have a real-time performance-based repository for MSMEs. We will then follow up on the micro enterprises within our domain and leverage on technical working partnerships and using independent data wranglers/enthusiasts to ascertain real-time information for the MSMEs progress. We will work within a defined framework based on short-, mid-, and long-term plans. The Federal Government of Nigeria (through various initiatives i.e., the SIP), MDAs, Development Partners have come up with so many laudable initiatives that targets to intervene on the MSME sub-sector, but the impact is not much reflecting on the reality on ground, especially among micro enterprises. The common challenge as reiterated by financial experts is that most micro enterprises don’t have the clear understanding on how to implement key insights, or rather do not know about it at all. In some cases, they lack the willingness or simply resist any situation that warrants them to acquire and implement new knowledge.
As part of our desire to complement Government and continuously identify value chain gap among MSMEs, we came up a 2 Day Exclusive Business Process Workshop for MSMEs. We then release a Call for Delegates nomination (micro enterprises, successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, Government representatives as well as the media) to participate in “the working the talk” styled workshop. It comes up on Tuesday 28th September, and Wednesday 29th September 2021 in Abuja. Participants will learn key value additional business process, importantly implementing new innovational strategies within each of their value chain. They will also immediately put theory to practice through guided technical implementation. All confirmed delegates have been contacted. To find more, visit the official website at

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Salihu Dantata Mahmud (TWG)

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