Amb. Hussaini Coomassie Criticize Military Takeover In Guinea

Following the coup d’etat that ousted President Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea on Sunday, the UN SDG Ambassador and continental director, Advocacy for Good Governance Network, Amb Hussaini Coomassie
has condemned the coup that ousted the President calling it a calculated attempt to rubbish democracy in the country.
He made this known during a chat with our correspondent at his Abuja villa, immediately after the military took over power while frowning at the development.
According to him, Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea was elected by the people and should be removed using same democratic means. He explained that the step taken by the military is unjust and should not be taking with kid gloves.
The coup plotters with the captured president
He called on the international communities, especially ECOWAS to “intervene in the ugly situation and rescue the country from anarchy.”
Coomassie also added that “democracy is seriously in danger in Guinea,” calling on everyone to see this as an opportunity to reshape the democratic principles that would shape the country.
Though the defence ministry said the attempted takeover had been thwarted by the presidential guard, a civil society group headed by Don Sow insisted that the coup d’etat was successfully carried out.
The TV address featured nine unnamed soldiers, several draped in the red, gold and green national flag, who said they had taken over because of rampant corruption, mismanagement and poverty.
Calling themselves the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development, they said the constitution had been dissolved and that there would be consultations to create a new, more inclusive one.
Numerous reports say the coup was led by an elite unit headed by a former French legionnaire, Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya.
Amb Coomassie

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