A Drowning Castle In A Conical

I pity my country and her heritage

How heavy and somber is this siege?
A change we desire but see the gory fierce
How can we cross the this river without a bridge
How did we get to this point of collosal mess?

What a castle roasting her dwellers on furnace
What a castle filled with oppression on the rise
Our Landlord are accomplice in disguise

Pampering foreign figures invading our site
Incessant killing because they want our base
Invaders slaughtering inside the castle to collect their rice
Increase in mortality just to lick our cream of ice

Our castle In the midst of nemesis and spies!!!
Freedom her dwellers demanded but you still snatch up our dry spice
Helpless, as we continue to suffer the bite

Either give them or be butchered with your head on the tile
I cry for the castle inhabiting me
Our head is nude of flesh just because of this foreign lice
*What a country in a conical !!!*

*The Author speaks out*
How dare you pound a yam in a crucible?
Can you heat a solution directly with a timble?
When shall we realise our thread is mature enough to pass through the needle?
Let’s face reality and take our
hands off the girdle

Can you take a horse to the river and still put the bridle?
How long are we going to remain in this circle
Can we take a hot pot off heathen without any insulative handle
Let’s quickly start boiling our water with the rugged

Let’s just give a trial with mettle and stare in the right direction with this paddle
So the masses can afford to put food on their table
Can we afford to be electing leaders
that are neither capable nor reliable?
Help us tell them we are no longer their gullible
Can you please tell them to
release us from this chain of autocracy and shackles

This present atmosphere is ephemeral like a letter written with pencil
It will never work no matter the money spent on ” *restructure your mind jingle”
Why Shying away from the inherent solution as simple as simple
Let the Youth set the fire and let the good elite kindle.

NOTE: Only righteousness, *Honesty and Truth* can exalt a nation

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